Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Warriors Best 1-17: Leading Try Scorer Edition

Have you ever wondered what the NZ Warriors Best 1-17 would look like if the players were selected in the team purely because they had scored the most tries in their preferred position. No? Well, I've gone over the numbers and thrown together a team anyway.

To save any confusion as to why some players are in a particular position, why some players have been given a starting role in front of others and how the bench spots were decided, i will explain below.

  • Positions:  Some players obviously have the ability to play in more than 1 position. Selection has been based on which position they have spent the majority of their career playing. 
  • Selection Process:  As you look through the side you will see that some players who are starting would never normally get the nod over some who are on the bench. Players in each position were picked purely on tries scored, whoever had the most got the starting spot.
  • Bench: The make up of the bench is; 1x utility player, 1x 2nd row, 2x prop
  • Tries/Games: Statistics listed only include players time at the club. Tries scored or games played for any other team are not included.
* denotes players still playing for the club

1. Brent Webb - 39 tries in 103 games
2. *Manu Vatuvei - 146 tries in 210 games
3. Jerome Ropati - 54 tries in 145 games
4. Clinton Toopi - 57 tries in 129 games
5. Francis Meli - 60 tries in 110 games 
6. James Maloney - 24 tries in 75 games
7. Stacey Jones (c) - 77 tries in 261 games
8. *Ben Matulino - 15 tries in 173 games
9. Nathan Fien - 17 tries in 105 games
10. Richard Villasanti - 21tries in 96 games
11. Wairangi Koopu - 34 tries in 159 games
12. Logan Swann - 36 tries in 195 games
13. *Simon Mannering - 53 tries in 236 games

14. Lance Hohaia - 57 tries in 185 games
15. *Ali Lauititi - 33 tries in 115 games
16. Sam Rapira - 14 tries in 173 games
17. Steve Price - 13 tries in 91 games

Not a bad looking team at all!

- Written by Geese


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