Friday, 29 July 2016

It's Not Just A Game

Written by Ryan Lamont

Ok let's be honest. There are more important things in life like family,friends,health etc.
But to a lot of us, the Warriors are also important. If you go into work on a Monday and brag about the Warriors, then to you it's not just a game.

If you get upset about a result, then to you it's not just a game. If you're part of a Warriors group on FB, Twitter, season member, whinge about team selection, watch every Jeff Robson match or just get excited because it's Warriors game day, then whether you want to admit it or not, to you it's not just a game.

Let's have a look at some examples.

2002 and 2011 grand finals. I am 100% certain not a day went by in the  week leading up to each match that every supporter didn't think about the gf. The one time we could have our moment. Our time to say, "fuck you rugby"!!

Then it's grand final day. The Warriors would consume every supporters thoughts. There are those who flew over for the game. Those who watched from NZ and overseas. All the excitement. All the nervous tension. Pulling at every heart string. Every play, every point, had some sort of emotion attached to every supporter.  Once those final whistles went, still more emotions. Sadness. Anger. Love. (You know what I mean).

The point is, if anyone felt any of these emotions, then to you it's not just a game.

I love sport( I'm shit at it though). I love the Warriors. I look forward to every game. I'm nervous for every game. Intrigued Every Tuesday to see the team named for that week. And of course I love going to every game. And yes, some results can affect my day.

To me it's not just a game. And ya know what? I'm damn proud of it


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