Saturday, 14 May 2016

Round 10 Couch Coach

Both teams entered into this contest with the chance to consolidate their position in the top 8. Unfortunately for Warriors fans it is Penrith who now move up to 7th position while Cappy and his troops can potentially slip down to as low as 14th. When you're presented with your team facing such a daunting proposition, given the roster that they have at their disposal, it makes me, as a supporter, wonder when these "cheer leading" fans will put down the pom poms and quit pretending like mediocrity is an acceptable form of "professionalism" from the 17 blokes who run out on the field every weekend.

As is a common theme within the NZ franchise supporter base, regardless of results, it's likely social media will be flooded with hair brain calls like "ermagherd we need to pick Konrad cos Blake is so shit and stuff and LOL couldn't even play first grade for Cronulla" followed by, if not proceeded by, "Sack Cappy. He Sucks", without giving any real indication or backing to their statements leading to an array of verbal abuse because they have the fucking intelligence of a genital wart.

Considering the opportunity to climb into the top 8 for the first time in 2016, welcoming back both suspended and injured players, a sell out crowd with the assumption some of these first grade regulars position in the top side would be on thin ice after an under strength  team came away with the spoils in their last start, they decided to dish up a flat performance which was compounded by unforced error after unforced error. Not to be outdone, a half back who seems to be more interested in making sure his hair is right before the game, judging by his sneaky look into the mirror and quick fix of his locks before the lads left the dressing sheds instead of being focused on the game at hand. Maybe he might have been aware that it was blowing an absolute gale tonight and been able to correct his kicking game accordingly. What i would like to know is why was there plenty of mention about Soward being out the day before practicing his kicks in the breeze while our playmaker was, most likely, at the local hair dressed tending to his do. It wasn't obvious at all which of the play makers entered the game with the best preparation.

 One of the biggest concerning parts of the New Zealand Warriors play, not only tonight but what seems to be most games, if not all, is the sheer volume of unforced errors that are committed by the team and then their complete lack of ability to defend the ensuing set of six. Every try that was scored by Penrith tonight was on the back of an unforced error;

First try came about by SJ trying to offload a ball with 3 or 4 Penrith players surrounding him in his own in goal. With the restart of play the ball goes agonizingly close to being blown out on the full due to the breeze. You'd think that would be a lesson learnt, right? Wrong!

A penalty kick was the next scoring play, coming off the back of Palavi giving away a penalty on the Penrith 40m line, giving them an easy path to get out of their own end while facing a stiff breeze. 3rd tackle into the 2nd set of 6, Gavet gives away a penalty right in front of the sticks for an easy 2.

As mentioned before, nothing was learnt from the earlier kick off and the ball flies out on the full from the restart. The set following that penalty, Penrith stroll over for yeh another soft try against the Warriors.

Try number 3 comes from Gavet trying to push the pass with 3 defenders around him. This leads to a STUPID penalty being given away from Luke for a push on the man playing the ball and Penrith are in again through flimsy defence.

With the game still tight another silly offload, this time from Matulino, under heavy traffic is thrown and possession turned over. The next set Matulino gives away a penalty and if that wasn't bad enough, after a handling error then a penalty, ANOTHER penalty is given away, this time by Kata, allowing Penrith to stroll down the paddock and touch down comfortably in the corner.

The final try of the game came from a no look pass from Kata at the death. This one could almost be forgiven as we were in desperate need of points, but a couple of metres out with a couple of tackles up our sleeves the smart option was to take the tackle, get a quick play the ball and then shift it wide.

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