Saturday, 21 May 2016

Couch Coach - Warriors Seek Help to Find Heart from the Wizard of Oz

We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz. Let's be honest, could the Wizard of Oz actually have the ability to give this Warriors outfit enough heart, courage and/or brains to help drag this side out of the depths of despair, prevent them from regularly showing no thought process that results in unforced errors and stupid penalties or perform a modern day miracle and give the side the courage to actually turn up for each other and hold an opposition team out instead of opening a path through their defense like they're fucking Moses? It's a pity those gale force winds weren't a little bit stronger and blown the team away to at least have a chat with the Wizard to see if he could actually do anything for us. Let's hope the team take the Yellow Brick Road back to Auckland.

As is standard procedure after a Warriors loss we get to see the cheer leaders bring out their favorite set of poms poms and do their Konrad dance claiming that on his own he can miraculously change the fortunes for the New Zealand based franchise. I've even seen someone ridiculing a form based selection in Allwood over the man who can do know wrong in their eyes (Hurrell) claiming that Cappy has no idea and selection shouldn't be form based. YOU FUCKING WHAT MATE? Sure, at the end of the game it's all well and good to point the finger and say "so and so played shit" but the fact remains that selection is and always should be based on form, not on what a bloke did 3 fucking seasons ago and currently can't even stand up and show he is a class above the rest in reserve grade.

We'll be in for yet another week of reading and hearing about how rubbish Cappy is and how he should be sacked and that we need to bring in a new coach. Does nobody else see the pattern that is forming within this organisation? We lose a few games, the players drop their bundle, the pressure valve shows no sign of being released and when results don't come it turns into a player power stand with the "we've lost faith in the coach" and allow him to fall on, not his own sword, but the one placed their by the players who have not only let the coach down, they've let themselves, fans, sponsors and staff within the entire organisation. For the players to say they've lost faith in a coach is a bit fucking rich in itself as they expect the fans to keep the faith with them. What coach do we bring in if Cappy is another victim of an under achieving Warriors outfit? We cannot afford to bring in another rookie we MUST hire someone who has a proven track record as a head coach in their NRL IF we decide to fold to the players, yet again, and look to another coach to wave his magic fucking wand. Harry Potter is about the only one who would have the magic to dig this team out of the hole they've dug themselves, unfortunately he is a fictional character.

There might not have been too many positives to take out of the game but one in particular was the involvement of Sam Lisone. He went into beast mode tonight and needs to use those efforts as a level of expectations he should have on himself for the remainder of the season.

As is the case with most weeks, it's the unforced errors that kill this side and the teams inability to defend their line on the back of a turnover or a penalty conceded. Mark Gasnier hit the nail on the head in the pre-game show saying "The Warriors beat themselves more often than not with silly mistakes".

The thing's you cannot coach into players is desperation. You cannot coach Urgency. You cannot coach attitude. These are the KEY components within this Warriors outfit that are lacking and this responsibility falls squarely on the players shoulders. Until they get themselves sorted with the way they approach a game then there isn't a coach known to man that would be able to turn this club into the successful club we all crave.

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