Thursday, 19 May 2016

About NZ Warriors Faither


Warriors fan blog, by the fans, for the fans.


As this is a blog that is purposely designed to be "by the fans and for the fans", it is inevitable that there will be differing opinions in articles from time to time. The views and opinions expressed in articles are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Faither Community as a whole.

Although we will endeavor to do our best in ensuring that articles are accompanied with the name of the person writing the article, it is at the individuals discretion as to whether or not they wish to include their name on the piece of writing that they submit.

The admin of the blog will have the last say as to whether or not an article is suitable to be published. On occasions it will be necessary for admin to decide an article is not suitable for publication and therefore decline the authors submission to the blog.

The declining of an article will be taken seriously and in most circumstances will only be declined if, and not limited to;

  • The author is making personal attacks on players and/or their partners/family/friends
  • The author is an obvious troll
  • If the author is including material that can be seen as the spreading of malicious rumors 
  • If an article is deemed to have too many obscenities included
  • If an article is deemed to contain forms of abuse, including and not limited to; Discrimination (Race, gender, gender identity, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion)  psychological (threats of harm, humiliation, intimidation, harassment), financial (fraud, scamming) etc


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